Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Positivity is Paramount

Fly and Be Free, Cynthia Anderson, 2013

Positive statement for the day from Louise Hay: "I listen to what I say.  If I hear myself using negative or limiting words, I change them."

As Joel Osteen says, "whatever follows, 'I am,' is going to come looking for you."  So speak well of yourself, others, and even circumstances.  It is the 'framing' of our lives that can change everything.  In other words, if you 'frame' it as a horrible obstacle to overcome then that's what it will be.  If you 'frame' it as an opportunity to rise to the challenge then you are approaching the situation from an entirely new viewpoint....a WINNING viewpoint.  It's simple:  POSITIVE is WINNING, negative is not!

It's just like art or anything else in life; instead of looking at ANYTHING and picking apart everything that is wrong with it, begin to open your eyes and your mind to WHAT IS RIGHT...with your art, with the situation, with that person. 

It's funny, I found myself in a pit of negativity where all I could see was all the injustice in the world and everything that I thought 'needed fixing.'  The thing about this is that I had then BECOME PART OF THE PROBLEM, RATHER THAN PART OF THE SOLUTION! 

Once I read the Dalai Lama was asked if he had any regrets.  He said well, maybe just one.  A time ago an older monk had come to him saying that he could not attain certain yogic or meditation postures (I'm doing my best to remember the story). The Dalai Lama had told him that he may have to wait until his next incarnation to do it in a younger body.  So, the monk went off, and threw himself off a cliff, in order that he might be reincarnated all the sooner.  When the Dalai Lama heard of this he felt very bad that the monk had taken his advise to bring about this outcome.  But, His Holiness also said that if he'd have decided to get 'stuck' on this and sort of wallow in it, he would not have been able to continue on with the greatly beneficial work he has done and continues to do.  That's me paraphrasing the story, but the message is the same.  The only answer is to walk on in positivity, love and light. 

REMEMBER TO listen to how you speak to yourself and everyone around you.  What you give out, you get back, so:

Peace Out, Love Each Other, and Live in Harmony
Til Next Time, Cynthia

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