Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More on...The Process....

~~~~ Above is a set of mermaids that I started in August 2013 after leaving a job that had become very uncomfortable for many reasons.  Finished these around January 2014, when I added the last touches of gold leafing, which really made all the difference!~~~~~


Well, I spent all of last week...or most of it, working on my studio room.  I have revamped this room many, many times, but that is what we must do, as we move along in our interests and in our perspective processes. As a mixed media artist, I have had so many desires to pursue.   There are so many wonderful crafts, arts, jewelry projects...so many different things one can do, it is overwhelming yet we cannot stop ourselves from diving in head first.  And that is OK.  We each need to do that sometimes to find our one true love, our one calling...or realize that we have many different sources of artistic nourishment in which we may carry out the finest determinations of our souls.

I think the best part of all is to realize that there is no end, there is no real destination...for a destination would put limits on powers that should be understood as limitless.  So, in other words, believe in the greatness that you are with all that has come to make you and act in such a way.  Fulfill you soul's purpose, exceed even your wildest imaginings.

And in a more tangible reality, I am continuing the process of cleansing, organizing my studio...facilitating a much greater work environment than I have ever had before.  While changing things around, I realize as well that I am coming full circle, bringing out my sewing machine and fabrics that had been tucked back into the closet because it's time to revisit some older projects with a new flair, and begin other projects that have long awaited in my minds eye to be realized.

NO!!!! Not yet.  I'm taking my time with the process and focusing on getting it all a bit more organized and workable than it's ever been before.  It's OK to take the time and "do it right."  Especially if you find you have the time to spare.

I will try to take some photos though...they make the process so much more real for those looking in from the outside.

Take good care of yourself, and come visit me again :)


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trust the Process

"Trust the Process," 8" X 10", 2013
     It's often a difficult thing to do....'trust in the process,' no matter to what it may be pertaining.  This little lady has a paintbrush and an empty canvas behind her;  sometimes it's hard to even START something, much less have the courage to continue on with said endeavor.  However, this is exactly what we must do in order to achieve the things we so desire in life.

    After you start a painting (for instance), and get to a place where you are really liking what has been created, there often will creep into the mind such thoughts as, "Oh gosh, I'm afraid now...I don't want to MESS IT UP.!"  I know, I've been there. But trust that if you created it once, you can create it again.  Trust that if you've made it this far, you can go the distance.  The same applies to the other end of the spectrum where perhaps you are painting something and you keep not liking it. It's just not where you want to be yet. That's right.  It's a process.  And we cannot expect a masterpiece right out of the gate.  It takes time, patience and work.  It's at this point we can either COMMIT WHOLEHEARTEDLY to the process, or we can give up...on a piece (of art we are trying to create), our health, relationships, our dream of a whole and fulfilling life.

     I have gotten so off track with my own health, not wanting to face challenges head on, that it has overwhelmed me and pushed every other part of my life off track as well.  BALANCE is KEY and when one part is unbalanced, so is the whole machine.  For instance, I am currently happy with where my artwork is headed, and quite unhappy with most of the rest of my life.  But, I am putting things in place to change those feelings and turn it all around.

     COMMITTING WHOLEHEARTEDLY may also mean more than we think at a first glance.  First, we must till the soil and make ready for a successful garden to grow.  If we start trying to grow a garden in a patch of rocks and weeds, we will be sorely disappointed with the entire process.  So: PAVE THE WAY FOR SUCCESS...set yourself up to be successful.  How?  Get rid of the rocks.  Rocks are the old resentments that we carry, the well ingrained patterns of which we refuse to let go, all the things that no longer serve us, and probably never did.  Then, get rid of the weeds.  Weeds are different.  They will start to peek their heads and grow at any time in our lives.  We must recognize a weed as a weed, pull it up by the roots and say....goodbye.  Some of my weeds have been family members, so called friends, people with bad attitudes that try and push their filth onto me, poisonous people or situations, soul suckers (workplace or wherever.)  We must not give even an iota of our precious energy to the weeds.

     So...that's where I'm going to begin...tilling the garden and making ready for a new, balanced, successful life that I adore.  I'll be writing more about this topic and keeping you updated on my progress.  There's so much out there to discover, so much to tap into, let's make the best of it.

     Let me know about your journey too.  We really are all in this together.

Love and Peace...and all Good Things



Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun with Journals!

Sweet girl, journal book, 2014
     Like many mixed media artists, I have ideas all the time....for which I consequently BUY stuff to make said ideas come to life.  Then said items lay around the studio until one day, years later, the idea comes to fruition.  This was such an idea.

     Some time back I bought several journals so that I might paint or collage their fronts and backs.  I did collage some of the journals and then left the rest for another day, another project.  Cut to years later, now I am painting little characters and faces and so I decided to 'doctor up' some more journals with these sweet little figures.





Front, all done in 2013

So, that's just some fun stuff you can do adding characters to your journals covers.  Have a great day!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reworking Older Pieces


     I made these pieces back in 2009 and hung on to them thinking I might one day have them published in a magazine.  Cut to last week....2014; I took a look at them again and decided they deserved better!  They deserved for me to perk them up and make them all they can be.  So, I did.

     Reworking the faces in both, and the background of the top one, left the pieces looking quite a bit more pleasing to the eye.  Now they are really ready to hit the road.  Available in my etsy shop.

Take care and have a great day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Party Animals," & Sharing with Friends

"Party Animals," by Cynthia Anderson, WIP, 2014

Hey there!  Made most of "Party Animals," this past Saturday while painting with my best friend, who I am so lucky to have:)  I was just thinking the tittle was appropriate since this is now 'my favorite kind of partying'....and in light of how much fun we had.  We very much enjoy getting together in my studio to paint, talk about painting, the universe, science, aliens, ghosts....to listen to music, and when all that gets old, turn on Ron White and laugh ourselves into a coma because we love TATER SALAD!!!  When they say laughter is the best medicine, they aren't kidding;  there's nothing like some deep belly laughs to make you GLOW.

I think it's so important to make the time for moments such as these.  Sharing in what we love, engaging each other's sensibilities, it's what life is all about.  Plus, it's one thing to share your life with a spouse and children...your family;  but there is nothing quite like sharing with friends.

Have a great day, and pass it on to someone else:)


Friday, June 6, 2014

What is HAPPY MAIL???

Happy mail is another aspect of the Documented Life Project from the lovely ladies at "Art to the 5th." I spoke about the project in my last post and showed some fun photos, but will give a brief synopsis of it here.
The Documented Life Project or DLP, is a project that was started by a group of ladies simply showing how to have fun decorating a personal calendar planner.  Each week there are new "art prompts" that group members can engage in at home, put in their personal planner with their own signature flair, and share on Facebook with the entire group if they so desire.

"Happy Mail," is mail that participants send to one another.  The outside of the envelopes are oftentimes decorated, while inside lay all kinds of surprises;  fun tidbits to use in your 'calendar planner.'  There is a list of names and addresses from which to pick, and you just pick some, and send.  I pick the ones that say they will reciprocate, because of course, I want some happy mail too!

Here are a few photos of a piece of VERY HAPPY MAIL I received:

One side of the envelope, decorated by Lisa Kumcur.

This was one of the many lovely items waiting inside, by Lisa Kumcur.

This is by far the most wonderful happy mail I have received:)  And after receiving it, I was encouraged to make some super snazzy happy mail myself.  Below are the envelopes I created....I don't have photos of the goodies inside, but let me say, I'm sure no one was disappointed!!!

Happy Mail Envelopes, created by me
Let me also say how freeing the process of making the happy mail envelopes, some of the goodies inside and my planner has been.  It's just a fun place to play, and of course, you can just keep painting and layering until you find your happy place, that sweet spot.

Have a blast today, enjoy your life, and live to the fullest.
Love and hugs,

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Documented Life Project

I've been having such a good time with The Documented Life Project since I joined about a month ago.  If you haven't heard about it, give it a look....it's soooo much fun.  What is it?  It's basically a free group created by 5 artists who joined together calling themselves "Art to the 5th."  http://www.arttothe5th.com/
Basically, you paint, doodle, and groovy-up a regular yearly planner.  They recommend using a Moleskin planner, but I already had an 8X10 inch planner so I just used that.  Here are some photos of mine.

I just love how this spread turned out!  Mainly the part on the left.  The top to middle right is still unfinished....I like to leave room to doodle and add things as I go.

You can see some of the fun tabs I put on the page edges to show the months (on the top left of the page.)

For this page (above) I had some "artist's papers"....like scrap booking paper that had these cute little pop tops on it.  I used a round punch to punch them out and then pasted the days of the week on top.

These little hexagonal shapes also came from some cute papers I bought.  Thought they would be just perfect for this.

As you can see...I went crazy.  Did most of the pages shown here over the course of a week, and don't think I worked on much of anything else.  It seemed that once I got started it was very addictive and I just couldn't stop!  I found it to be incredibly enjoyable, therapeutic, plus...interesting things happen....things I'd like to add to my other artwork.  It's a very freeing experience and if you don't like something, you just keep painting over it!
A brayer was used on most of the pages to achieve a layered look.  It's amazing what one can do with only a brayer and some paint!  I am also having a blast using an array of neon/florescent colors, as I have just discovered how amazing they are!
Stay tuned for more to come, and thanks for stopping!

Art On Creative People!



This is my first time though it should not be!!!  I have thought about getting published forever and a day...I was on my way to submitting a very long time ago...a Halloween submission.  But I had an accident and ended up in the hospital  And I never did get published.

Not long ago, I stopped in on my etsy site to give a little check..nothing really ever sells, because I think no one knows I am there!!!  But to my surprise I had a message from the editor of Art Quilting Studio Magazine about my cute mini quilt characters, saying I ought to apply to be published.  Well, with this little boon, I was well on my way. I immediately contacted the editor and submitted my goodies.

I'll have more photos of new mini quilt characters very soon!