Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letting Go of Perfection

Hope you are all well!  Courtesy of a painting group I'm part of on facebook, I was given the opportunity to view this lovely little gem, http://is.gd/sp0nOs, about a mother, her new sweet sketchbook, and her daughter's insistence that she SHARE said sketchbook.  When the mother tried to explain away her not wanting to share, the daughter turned her own words around on  her and said, "well, if you can't share we might have to take it away!"  How adorable.  And when the mother did share her book....well, go see what happened!  Something new was born with the collaboration of these two artists, and many insights were given. 

by Busymockingbird

One insight I really appreciated was this, "Most importantly, I learned that if you have a preconceived notion of how something should be, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE DISAPPOINTED.  Instead, just go with it, just ACCEPT it, because usually something even more wonderful will come out of it," busymockingbird.  Agreed!  That's what I've been doing lately, just going with it.  I don't have a preconceived notion of what I'm going to do, I just start doing.  I do know I'm going to have a character there, because I love doing characters and faces, but I have no idea who she will be or what she will be doing.  (Maybe someday soon there will be guys in my paintings too!)

by Busymockingbird

I also would like to address the fact that nothing in life/nature is perfect.  There is no such thing.  According to Webster's perfect is, "corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept."  I say just be perfectly you:)  That is enough!  Really, it is! 

I think there is also a wisdom and a relaxation of unreasonable expectations that comes with age (hopefully) that can help you to focus on what is truly important, and let go of the rest.  I think this wisdom (if one chooses to use it, if one can quiet themselves long enough to listen to it) can also help us lose the things in our life that no longer serve us, sometimes never did serve us.  I know I have been waiting so long for myself to WAKE UP....but all of life is a journey, everything you have done or will do is your journey, and leads you to be exactly where you should be right now.  Today is your day, this week is your week, this year is your year.  What will you do with it?  What plans will you make to help yourself reach your goals?  Don't know what your goals are, sit down and listen to yourself, meditate.  Just try it.  It's not hokey, spooky or weird.  It's probably one of the most natural things one can do; it let's you tune in to the source, and from there, all things can be achieved!!!

Take care until next time.

Peace Out, Love Each Other, and Live in Harmony

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