Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Instant Gratification....Have a Little Patience, Faith

It's so hard for be patient.  I want results in the flash of an eye, and if it doesn't happen...."FAILURE."  I still have WAY TO MUCH invested in what I think other people are thinking.  I see how it effects everything I do.

I don't post photos of myself online...because I am ashamed of the way I look.  I make excuses NOT to go out of the house, not to attend events because of the shame and lack of vital energy.  What it boils down to, is that I no longer have any FAITH in myself.  And isn't that a sad place to be.

(I wrote the above passage last night.)  And then this morning I walked into my studio, looked at the painting I had been working on yesterday and realized...I have come a long way since I first started to dabble with painting & art.  And how have I reached this particular point?  Consistency over time.  Would I be much better now if I'd have dedicated more time to the effort?  Of course.  But I can see progress...and that is a very good thing. reflects life, and life reflects art.  I can take a lesson from this progress and grasp the understanding that my effort and consistency is directly proportional to my result.  Anything that is flailing in my life is due to neglect.  

Gosh, when put that way it seems so simple.  I guess it is simple if you KEEP IT SIMPLE!  We often get so tied up in the clutter of our minds if we do not take care with our minds.  We are often tempted by so many things outside of ourselves if we do not have a CLEAR INTENTION in our mind on which to stay focused.

So...for myself, I have begun yet again.  And however many tries it takes, you must keep starting over until you find yourself securely on your path and making progress.  Every single time you perceive you have been knocked down, see how fast you can get up and forget it.  Pretty soon, things that would have knocked you OUT....will seem only like pesky little gnats.  Pretty soon, you'll be handling things like a CHAMP.  You have to MAKE A PLAN though...and RESOLVE TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE....because this is the way we GROW.

All right.  Enough of that for today!!!!  Take good care of yourselves and visit me again soon!

Peace Out & Love Each Other,



  1. Spot On and Brilliant! This is just what I needed to hear today so thank you for putting it out there! ♡♡♡

    1. Thank YOU for always being so ya!