Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Everything You Need...

8X12 inches on canvas board
     This was a commissioned piece and I had a lot of fun doing it.  In fact, I had never done curly hair, big boobs or a nurses hat before...so that was a fun and new challenge, and I was really pleased with the result.

     It's also kind of neat she's a nurse....because the Number One thing I need to be taking care of right now is my health.  I'm terribly overweight (a place I never thought I'd be) and have had so many health problems keeping me down for so long.  First, I have depression.  Through a succession of moves and things, I became more and more isolated, fearful.  Which made me more overweight, more isolated and more fearful. The depression is something that once you know you have it, you will always be susceptible...and you will always have to take special care with yourself.  i.e. Eating right, getting regular exercise and fresh air, adequate sleep, small to no alcohol intake.  Otherwise you are like a rope whipping in the wind...at the wind's will...not your own.  Nothing else in your life has a chance of being normal or feeling right...or growing into something great when you are on this roller coaster ride.

Now, if you don't take care of yourself, depression will start to get out of hand and cloud every action, every judgment you make, such that you act and make decisions based on the chaos, sadness and frustration you are carrying versus making clear, concise decisions that will actually benefit you.  I know.  In fact, I think that many other ailments are actually borne from having and NOT DEALING WITH having DEPRESSION.

I have also had to deal with severe anemia and iron deficiency;  talk about the WALKING DEAD!!!  These things made the depression worse....and I've sort of been replaying this LOOP to NOWHERE for quite a while.Why not just go to the doctor and get it fixed?  No insurance, no funds.  It's just not that easy to do anything when you're down and out.

So where does one turn to get relief from illness?  The internet (researching)...for more natural solutions.  The local health food store (here, the Heritage) for natural supplements that could help.  Why didn't I think of this before? Because my brain has been malfunctioning for quite some time!!!  And, I guess I didn't believe that anything but fibroid removal would help....because that's what the doctor indicated.  Hmmm.

I am so lucky right now to have time to take care of myself and get back on the right track.  So it's truly ALL UP TO ME.  Now, will there be tons of hurdles to jump?  Absolutely.  But you just have to keep on keeping on....barrel through the roadblocks KNOWING YOU CAN MAKE IT!  God gave you everything you will ever need at the moment of your birth....everything you will ever need to CREATE a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!  So get busy CREATING...I AM!

Peace and Love, Cynthia

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