Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life is Tough...Bring a Helmet!

"Life is tough...bring a helmet:)"

Life can be a real challenge....sometimes it might seem like an overwhelming challenge that we just cannot live up to.  As it turns out, we can deal with life on life's terms, one minute, one day, one challenge at a time.  We can be the 'best' version of ourselves...it just takes work;  and we must be willing to do the work.

But with the challenges and the work comes the great sense of accomplishment;  a feeling of self worth.  As we step forward and do the "next right thing," life inevitably gets better.  

How about all the fallout we've caused?  Damage we've done?  To others?  What about those relationships?  

We can try to restore trust through our actions.  We can be patient...lord knows others have had to be patient with us. We can try to be the best we can each and every day...and when we don't rise to the occasion occasionally, we can shake it off--remember we are only human--get up tomorrow and continue on knowing that ALL YOU NEED IS RIGHT INSIDE YOU.  

(By Cynthia Anderson Brock, 2014)

I have recently embarked upon the life adventure of "getting my life back and truly living it!!!"  You see, I am one of these people that can do great things, if I can stay focused on the positive and not let the sadness and sickness in the world get me down.  All too often I see things going on that effect me so greatly ...in my inner being.  Circumstances, situations and things, coupled with physical ailments, as well as, mental ailments (like depression- which is so prevalent these days) can compound upon a person and make them feel like totally giving up and self medicating until death. Obviously, this is not the answer, though it may seem like it at the time.  

If you are struggling in life, reach out and ask for help.  If you seek real and true help, you will find it.  Know that there are so many out there struggling as well, and we can each help the other.  Get out of your mind, get out into the world.  Start to remember all the things you love about life...all the things you truly enjoy doing...and do them!  Go to a support group, make friends, ask people out for coffee or a walk.  Get some exercise, and by all means, FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE.  Let go of that old movie playing in your head...and every time the negativity monster tries to take over your thoughts...ABSOLUTELY DON'T LET THAT THING IN!!! Remember, YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOU!!!  You can allow your mind to run amok and ruin all the fun, or you can turn it off, put in a new tape, and make the best of whatever comes your way.

Choose today to be happy.  Choose today to be grateful.  Choose today to get up and live your best life.

OK...an artful post is coming up next...so don't miss out on the fun! I'm making cakes....and it's soooooo much fun!

Peace out,

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