Monday, August 19, 2013

A Beautiful Place to Grow!

Hi there!  I'm Cynthia E. Anderson, and this is a blog about my CREATIVE JOURNEY; bringing together my LOVE OF ART & my DESIRE TO LIVE A LIFE ROOTED IN SPIRITUALITY.  It is a sacred place to share kindness, goodness, camaraderie, loves, dreams, ambitions, hopes, prayers, poems, intuition, fun, and joy:)  A place you can visit any time to be uplifted and inspired.  A place for LOVE. 

"Trust Your Heart," Cynthia Anderson, August 2013.

This piece is fresh off the worktable today!!!  I finally put the finishing touches on her and discovered a new technique in the process...very exciting!  She is one in a series of "face themed" pieces I am currently doing as a journey of discovery....hopefully discovering my own signature look.....honing my own particular voice. 
I am also very interested in intuitive painting and what the development of intuition can do for one's life as well as one's creative journey through any choice of medium.  That being said, I am most fond of mixed media art.  It is so freeing to have a number of different ways to achieve effects.  I find it easily allows one to become lost in a kind of meditative/altered state while creating.  Without much thought at all, one makes marks with paint, pen, pencil, charcoal, brushes, found objects, stamps, foam sprays the canvas with water, applies gels and papers forming rich which even more layers of paints and light washes will be added.  One becomes wholly lost in and devoted to the process, letting it happen. reveals YOU.  Aren't you special:) 
So this is my NEW PATH....MY CREATIVE JOURNEY....TO BALANCE A SPIRITUAL, WHOLESOME LIFE WITH A LOVE FOR ALL THINGS CREATIVE AND ARTISTIC...and I invite you to come along....or at least stop in once in a while for a little enrichment and encouragement. 
Peace Out, Love Each Other, and Live in Harmony

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