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My New Art Journal, 2013

Good Day All!  Today I'd like to talk a little bit about ENERGY!  Energy is created by us every day.  The words we speak, the things we think, the way we act towards others, the moods we allow ourselves to create....all are energy; energy that WE GIVE INTO THIS WORLD.  That energy can either be good or not so good.  And remember, what you give out, you will surely get back! 

I very much believe in this energy, and I believe it is what connects us all together and gives rise to this other thing I very much believe in:  that there is a collective consciousness among us all.  We all share whether we know and realize it or not.  There is so much more to us, this world, and those beyond than we can even dream....just look at the amazing fashion in which our universe came into existence!  Look at the circle of life here on earth and how very interconnected we all are.  The MYSTERY AND BEAUTY ARE UNDENIABLE....all you have to do is OPEN YOUR EYES.
Which, funnily enough, is the hard part. 

Our society has largely evolved into a place where we are on auto-pilot most of the time.  Sunday evening comes and we dread going to our workplace the next morning.  Why do we dread our jobs so?  Because most of us are doing mundane jobs that we feel we HAVE TO DO to earn a paycheck and be 'responsible adults.'  We have let others determine our fate....tell us what is right and wrong and what we SHOULD BE DOING with our precious human lives....when all the while, they are completely disregarding the fact that HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS...and TIME IS NOT A THING TO BE WASTED. 

So what do we do to WAKE UP?  We listen to our HEART.  We have all the answers inside of us, we just have to be quite and listen.  We have to set the stage and the rest will just happen.  Make yourself ready, and the messages will come, things will fall into place just like the pieces of a puzzle.  Start today by caring for yourself, showing yourself compassion and kindness.  Give yourself the RICH LOVE YOU DESERVE....feel your cup pouring over, and SHARE with the rest of the world.

Some things you can do to love yourself and build good positive energy within are:  yoga, meditation, prayer, Tai Chi, dance, exercise, healthy consumption of foods and drink, affirmations and positive thinking.  Also, do a sauna and sweat out all the impurities, get a massage, get out in the sunshine, walk by a large body of water, do walking meditation, meditation on the beach or in the woods, go camping and reconnect with nature, swim, shoot hoops, play tennis, sweat, sweat, sweat!  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and less meats...become LIGHTER....increase your connection to the SOURCE. 

Finally, FEED YOURSELF and FALL IN LOVE WITH AS MANY THINGS AS POSSIBLE!  Meaning, read and study positive enriching texts, think positive thoughts, surround yourself with affirmations and repeat them often, delve into hobbies such as art (or whatever you choose) and create something beautiful to share with the world, develop a social circle of like minded people who can build one another up and support each other through the tough times. 

Here is a good link for affirmations:
Start your morning with these.  Do it for a week and see what happens, what could it hurt?  I'm going to try it:)

Peace Out, Love Each Other, and Live in Harmony

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