Saturday, August 24, 2013

Healthy Life Inspiration-Raw, Natural, Fresh

Good Morning!!!!  I wanted to share with you this morning a place to find some wonderful information that may change your mind and your life.  I am not trying to 'promote' Netflix exactly, but I myself have recently discovered it, and am enjoying many of the documentaries I have found there.  Actually, they have a good number of really interesting documentaries.  The ones I have been specifically interested in lately concern weight/health/juicing, how our so called 'progress' as a society might actually be leading us to our early demise, and reducing our 'footprint' on the planet. 

So, after watching a several of these films, I have been inspired (I hope not temporarily so) to take on the challenge of living a healthier life.  I have begun by juicing with fruits and vegetables, eating mainly fruits and vegetables when I am hungry, and fish for now.  Also, I have been seriously addicted to ginger ale and some diet soft drinks, which are now being replaced with water, herbal tea and the like. 

 Today was my first go at it and it wasn't too bad.  It's strange, for sure, but I really like and am interested in all the places I think this thing can take me.  Eating extremely healthily will make me healthier overall, cleaner, clearer, lighter, brighter and stronger....mentally, physically and spiritually.  It will reverse much of the damage that has been done by following a bad diet, not exercising, and engaging in 'too much of the wrong kind of fun!'  It is an opportunity to regain my self-esteem, change the course of my life and live far longer.

I can already see that I use food to, 'fill in the gaps' of time during the day; as a reward....perhaps several times a day or all day long, and that is not a healthy relationship to have with food.  It's no wonder I am severely sluggish, tired, foggy, obese and terribly unhealthy. 

What food is supposed to look like!

Fight the good fight, and live in the light:)
Until Next Time...Peace Out, Love Each Other, and Live in Harmony,