Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More on...The Process....

~~~~ Above is a set of mermaids that I started in August 2013 after leaving a job that had become very uncomfortable for many reasons.  Finished these around January 2014, when I added the last touches of gold leafing, which really made all the difference!~~~~~


Well, I spent all of last week...or most of it, working on my studio room.  I have revamped this room many, many times, but that is what we must do, as we move along in our interests and in our perspective processes. As a mixed media artist, I have had so many desires to pursue.   There are so many wonderful crafts, arts, jewelry projects...so many different things one can do, it is overwhelming yet we cannot stop ourselves from diving in head first.  And that is OK.  We each need to do that sometimes to find our one true love, our one calling...or realize that we have many different sources of artistic nourishment in which we may carry out the finest determinations of our souls.

I think the best part of all is to realize that there is no end, there is no real destination...for a destination would put limits on powers that should be understood as limitless.  So, in other words, believe in the greatness that you are with all that has come to make you and act in such a way.  Fulfill you soul's purpose, exceed even your wildest imaginings.

And in a more tangible reality, I am continuing the process of cleansing, organizing my studio...facilitating a much greater work environment than I have ever had before.  While changing things around, I realize as well that I am coming full circle, bringing out my sewing machine and fabrics that had been tucked back into the closet because it's time to revisit some older projects with a new flair, and begin other projects that have long awaited in my minds eye to be realized.

NO!!!! Not yet.  I'm taking my time with the process and focusing on getting it all a bit more organized and workable than it's ever been before.  It's OK to take the time and "do it right."  Especially if you find you have the time to spare.

I will try to take some photos though...they make the process so much more real for those looking in from the outside.

Take good care of yourself, and come visit me again :)



  1. Really great post Cynthia - I enjoyed it a lot!!! Just keep them coming!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate all the encouragement!!!!