Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trust the Process

"Trust the Process," 8" X 10", 2013
     It's often a difficult thing to do....'trust in the process,' no matter to what it may be pertaining.  This little lady has a paintbrush and an empty canvas behind her;  sometimes it's hard to even START something, much less have the courage to continue on with said endeavor.  However, this is exactly what we must do in order to achieve the things we so desire in life.

    After you start a painting (for instance), and get to a place where you are really liking what has been created, there often will creep into the mind such thoughts as, "Oh gosh, I'm afraid now...I don't want to MESS IT UP.!"  I know, I've been there. But trust that if you created it once, you can create it again.  Trust that if you've made it this far, you can go the distance.  The same applies to the other end of the spectrum where perhaps you are painting something and you keep not liking it. It's just not where you want to be yet. That's right.  It's a process.  And we cannot expect a masterpiece right out of the gate.  It takes time, patience and work.  It's at this point we can either COMMIT WHOLEHEARTEDLY to the process, or we can give up...on a piece (of art we are trying to create), our health, relationships, our dream of a whole and fulfilling life.

     I have gotten so off track with my own health, not wanting to face challenges head on, that it has overwhelmed me and pushed every other part of my life off track as well.  BALANCE is KEY and when one part is unbalanced, so is the whole machine.  For instance, I am currently happy with where my artwork is headed, and quite unhappy with most of the rest of my life.  But, I am putting things in place to change those feelings and turn it all around.

     COMMITTING WHOLEHEARTEDLY may also mean more than we think at a first glance.  First, we must till the soil and make ready for a successful garden to grow.  If we start trying to grow a garden in a patch of rocks and weeds, we will be sorely disappointed with the entire process.  So: PAVE THE WAY FOR SUCCESS...set yourself up to be successful.  How?  Get rid of the rocks.  Rocks are the old resentments that we carry, the well ingrained patterns of which we refuse to let go, all the things that no longer serve us, and probably never did.  Then, get rid of the weeds.  Weeds are different.  They will start to peek their heads and grow at any time in our lives.  We must recognize a weed as a weed, pull it up by the roots and say....goodbye.  Some of my weeds have been family members, so called friends, people with bad attitudes that try and push their filth onto me, poisonous people or situations, soul suckers (workplace or wherever.)  We must not give even an iota of our precious energy to the weeds.

     So...that's where I'm going to begin...tilling the garden and making ready for a new, balanced, successful life that I adore.  I'll be writing more about this topic and keeping you updated on my progress.  There's so much out there to discover, so much to tap into, let's make the best of it.

     Let me know about your journey too.  We really are all in this together.

Love and Peace...and all Good Things




  1. Fantastic blog post! SO glad I had a moment to read it. Thanks for the awesome insights and I love your analogies - they are perfect.

  2. Thanks so much for all your encouragement Denise!