Friday, June 6, 2014

What is HAPPY MAIL???

Happy mail is another aspect of the Documented Life Project from the lovely ladies at "Art to the 5th." I spoke about the project in my last post and showed some fun photos, but will give a brief synopsis of it here.
The Documented Life Project or DLP, is a project that was started by a group of ladies simply showing how to have fun decorating a personal calendar planner.  Each week there are new "art prompts" that group members can engage in at home, put in their personal planner with their own signature flair, and share on Facebook with the entire group if they so desire.

"Happy Mail," is mail that participants send to one another.  The outside of the envelopes are oftentimes decorated, while inside lay all kinds of surprises;  fun tidbits to use in your 'calendar planner.'  There is a list of names and addresses from which to pick, and you just pick some, and send.  I pick the ones that say they will reciprocate, because of course, I want some happy mail too!

Here are a few photos of a piece of VERY HAPPY MAIL I received:

One side of the envelope, decorated by Lisa Kumcur.

This was one of the many lovely items waiting inside, by Lisa Kumcur.

This is by far the most wonderful happy mail I have received:)  And after receiving it, I was encouraged to make some super snazzy happy mail myself.  Below are the envelopes I created....I don't have photos of the goodies inside, but let me say, I'm sure no one was disappointed!!!

Happy Mail Envelopes, created by me
Let me also say how freeing the process of making the happy mail envelopes, some of the goodies inside and my planner has been.  It's just a fun place to play, and of course, you can just keep painting and layering until you find your happy place, that sweet spot.

Have a blast today, enjoy your life, and live to the fullest.
Love and hugs,


  1. Gosh - Happy Mail is so cool! I need to get my happy on now. :-)
    I love, love, love your envelopes. They really came out beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks sweetie! I've gotta send u some...u so deserve it!